Mike Galvin

Lab Contact Info:
[email protected]
Engineering Quad, D229

Mike Galvin is the MAE staff advisor for the TigerSats Program.  His background is in spacecraft mechanical design and systems engineering at Lockheed Martin Space Systems.  His other roles at the university include:

- Principal Mechanical Engineer for the Space Physics group and the SWAPI instrument for NASA's upcoming IMAP spacecraft
- Principal Mechanical Engineer for the High Contrast Imaging Lab (i.e., exoplanet space telescope instrumentation)
- Teaching support for various MAE courses, including MAE342: Space System Design
Technical Support Staff for the CST StudioLab makerspace


Mike has bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and philosophy from Georgia Tech and Emory University (respectively), and earned his master's degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering right here at Princeton!

More about Mike here, here and here


Student Alums


Legend: (S) SPRE summer intern (W) Independent Work semester (T) Senior Thesis (E) Extracurricular

John Bacheck ('20, E)
Douglas Chin ('21, W)
Tara Cubeisy ('22, E)
Candace Do ('24, W)
Orli Epstein ('24, E)
Carter Green ('20, W)
Michael Hauge ('21, S, E, W, T)
Alexander Haywood ('24, S, E)
Sydney Hsu ('22, T)
William Huang ('25, S)
Kyle Ikuma ('23, S, E, T)
Shalaka Madge ('21, S, E)
Anuja Magdum ('26, S)
Thomas McBride ('22, E)
Satya Nayagam ('22, E)
Shannen Prindle ('23, E, W, T)
Mark Scerbo ('18, E, T)
Nathaniel Shields ('22, E)
Devdigvijay Singh ('24, W)
Kevin Tong ('22, T)
Thomas Van Liere ('22, E)
Polina Zhilkina ('22, E)